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You can visit a home, fill out an application, sign a lease, and move in without face-to-face interaction.

Important Documents to Read

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Before You Get Started

Please make sure and read the qualifications below.

There is a point in the application where you will need to upload information such as a picture of your ID or driver's license, pay stubs, or bank statements into the system.

It would be helpful for you to have any information you think we will need available to upload.

Please note the approval process may take 3 – 5 business days, provided you include all the required documents with your application.

If your animal is an emotional support animal, please provide a letter from a healthcare professional stating your need for the ESA. This letter must also state the name and breed of your ESA.

If your animal is a service dog, please answer the following questions in your application:

Here’s What You Need to Know

Approval Criteria (Rental Qualifications)

Favorable Rent History

Any negative rental history can disqualify any prospective resident’s application. Including but not limited to any evictions and outstanding debt to a previous landlord.

Show the Ability to Pay (Favorable Work History)

Currently, a minimum of two and a half (2.5) times the monthly rent in net income.

An offer letter or intent to hire letter should be submitted if employment has not started.

The bank link feature within the application will NOT be sufficient for applicants that are Business Owners, Self-employed, 1099 Contractors, or paid in cash. A total of six months of bank statements must be emailed to support@evernest.co

Credit Scoring

A credit report will be obtained on all applicants to verify credit ratings.

Income plus verification of credit history will be entered into a credit scoring model to determine rental eligibility and security deposit levels.

Open bankruptcies will result in an automatic denial of the application.

Criminal History

A criminal background check reveals no offenses that could lead to safety issues for the home or the neighbors near the home.

We consider the offense type, the offense’s severity, and the length of time since the offense occurred.

Double Deposit Policy

Applications under this section are only considered approved on the condition of delivering a double deposit.

Refund Policy

The application fee is $65 per person. The application fee is NOT refundable.

Each person 18 years old or older living in the unit must complete an application.

If you apply and are approved, but the unit you applied for is no longer available, you may move your application to any available unit you are qualified for.

Applications are good for 60 days after the submission date.

Administration Fee (by location)

The administrative fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee.