Investor-Friendly Agents

Good real estate properties earn steady rental incomes and offer profits if you eventually sell. These diamonds in the rough are critical in building a profitable real estate portfolio.

Of course, working with a real estate agent is the most efficient way to find these properties. But a typical agent won’t have the unique expertise needed to work with investors. What you’ll need is an investor-friendly real estate agent.

An investor-friendly agent uses their intimate understanding of local markets, financial metrics, and investing business models to help you find great deals with high profit potential.

However, most real estate agents work with general homebuyers. Make sure you prioritize agents with experience in the properties you’re looking for, like Evernest’s team of seasoned, investor-friendly agents in Denver and beyond.

Picture of Christine Belin

Christine Belin

Investor-Friendly Agent in Denver

Christine Belin has been a part of the Evernest Team since its first Colorado office opened in January 2019, but her experience in real estate didn’t start there. She made the transition into real estate by obtaining her license in 2014 after 10 years working in customer service and retail management. Within her first year of real estate, she found herself working both real estate sales transactions and getting involved in property management. Christine has played many roles since gaining her real estate license including property manager, lead rental showing agent, business development manager, property management tech, trainer, property management consultant, and, of course, real estate broker. Since Evernest launched their brokerage in 2021, Christine has been our investor friendly agent serving the Colorado market, including, but not limited to the Denver Metro, Boulder, and the Front Range spanning from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs and beyond.

Christine truly enjoys being a Real Estate Broker and sharing her knowledge with clients and colleagues alike. She is dedicated to assisting investors in both finding the right investment for their portfolio and strategically listing properties so investors can profit the most from their assets. She also loves helping first time home buyers navigate the market so they can find the perfect home for their budget and needs while educating them along the way.

After growing up in Central Pennsylvania, living in New York City, and then the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Christine moved to the Denver metro area in 2008. She has called Colorado home since. In 2021, she married a Colorado native and now resides in Arvada with her husband and handsome pup. In Christine's personal time, she loves to stay busy exploring Denver and Colorado. You can find her trying new restaurants, attending Rockies games, or enjoying a concert at Red Rocks. She is no stranger to travel and has found herself gathering travel tips to share with friends and family and honing her photography skills in breathtaking locations. She even goes as far to blog and review about some of her experiences. She is very friendly and helpful so don't hesitate to ask for a dinner recommendation!

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