Where Should I Market My Rental Home In Denver?

Hey, everybody! Matthew Whitaker, back with another “Questions Owners Ask.” Today’s question is, “Where should I market my rental home in Denver?”

So, this is a big question that we receive often.

I have a list here of five different places you can market your rental property. Some of them work better than others, and your location plays a big factor in it.

Zillow and Trulia

Both of these websites are owned by the same company.

This is the first place I would put a house because it is by far our biggest lead driver. A lot of people go here to find houses to buy and rent.

Zillow and Trulia have been aggregating a whole bunch of data for a long time.

There are a lot of bells and whistles there for you to find and compare a bunch of houses for rent.

It is literally where everybody is posting their houses. Personally, if I was just going to put it one place, I would pick Zillow. You can actually push it from Zillow to Trulia.

Similar Local Sites

I am a big believer in the Neighborhood app which is hyperlocal. The app is especially great if you are looking to lease a house and you are already involved in that app.

Because it is very geolocated, you are essentially connected to your neighborhood. You can push things to your friends on the app.

We have found this is a great way to lease homes if we have the ability to get a house into that neighborhood app.


This is very, very, very specific. For certain areas of Denver, it is fantastic. For other areas, it’s not so great.

You could get a bunch of trash, basically people bottom-feeding, trying to sell you stuff. But there are the select few that go on craigslist for quality listings.

It would be a great place to market your home, and we can help you decide if your location is one with trash or quality.

Sign In The Yard

You would never believe this, but there are plenty of people that are driving around the neighborhoods still trying to find houses for rent.

You would be surprised how many houses we still rent where the tenant found the property from a sign in the yard.

Word Of Mouth

The last thing I would say is making sure you tell the neighbors.

The sign does that and the Neighborhood app does it as well. Although, printing off some fliers and sticking them in mailboxes is a great way to get the word out.

That is all I have on “Where should I market my rental home in Denver.” I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses. Thanks so much.