What Is Your Property Management Pricing in Denver?

Property Management Pricing in Denver

Spencer Sutton here with evernest. I’m here to answer your question, “What is your property management pricing in Denver?”

We have a Denver pricing page that can show you exactly what we charge for everything. But I will walk you through each plan and give a more detailed explanation of what each plan entails.

Our three plans include the Gold package, the Platinum package, and the Investor package.

Gold Package

On average, 80% of the time we receive a house, it is vacant. Maybe an owner or a tenant has moved out, and they ask us to come in and manage the property.

The first thing we do in this scenario is a full inspection of the house.

We write a report for you that explains whether the house is rent ready or if it needs some work. If work needs to be done, we list the different items on there.

Once the house is ready to rent and ready to be marketed, then we aggressively market the home.

We try to get it in front of as many people as possible and encourage them to go look at the house. Then we gather as many applications as possible.

It take a certain amount of applications to find a well-qualified tenant. Last year we brought all of our application underwriting and tenant screening in house.

Once we find this well-qualified tenant, we charge the first month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and get them to sign a lease.

Up until this point there’s no fee. You haven’t paid anything for our services!

We do this for you in order to get a tenant in your home with as little out of pocket expense for you as possible.

During this process, you can cancel at anytime. We have 100% happiness guarantee!

If your situation changed or something happened, you can cancel the management agreement with no penalty or charge.

The first fee you will see on any of our packages package is the leasing fee. The leasing fee in the Gold package is 50% of the first month’s rent. This is a one-time fee for placing a brand new tenant.

If we rent your house for $1,500, then we will charge $750. We will take it out of the tenant’s first month rent.

From that point forward, the management fee is $109 a month. It doesn’t matter to us if you rent your house for $1,500 or $3,500. It is the same flat fee.

The Gold package is our standard package. It comes with all of our basic and standard property management services.

We’re going to communicate exclusively with the tenant so that you don’t have to.

We collect rent for you, communicate exclusively with the tenant so that you don’t have to, handle any kind of work orders that come up. If something breaks at the house, we’ll take care of it for you.

We disperse funds into your bank account electronically on the second Friday of each month. We will also send you two owner statements per month: one on the second Friday of the month, one at the very end of the month.

These are the basic services we include in the Gold Package. We have optional services that you can choose from as well.

You can choose to have us go out and do quarterly inspections at your property.

In those quarterly inspections we change air filters in the home because we know that tenants don’t do that, we check batteries and smoke detectors and then we also walk around the house and take pictures. We you a report of what we find to let you know exactly how the tenant is taking care of your property.

The other service is preventative maintenance on your heating and air system. We go out twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to make sure that everything is working properly.

Now in Denver, it’s obviously more important to check that during the fall just to make sure everything is working properly so that we can avoid an emergency call during the dead of the winter.

Emergency calls tend to be more expensive for you, so we want to catch any problem before it becomes an emergency.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is the Cadillac of packages. It’s more expensive, and it’s special because it’s guaranteed rent.

This means if we place a great tenant in your home and then four or five months later they lose their job and are unable to pay rent, you’ll still get paid the exact same. We’ll still send you the same funds every single month, whether they pay or not.

If this is something you are worried about, then the Platinum package may be perfect for you!

And if for some unfortunate reason we have to evict a tenant, then we will pay for all of that as well.

We’ll pay for the attorneys, the court calls, and the set out charges, and you will still be getting rent during that process.

Once we take possession of your property again, then we’ll pay you for an additional three months or until we find you another qualified tenant, whichever comes first.

The Platinum Plan also comes with built-in services, such as the quarterly inspections and the preventative maintenance on your furnace in the fall.

There is no leasing fee with the Platinum Package, but the monthly management fee is going to be more expensive than the Gold. It starts at $219 and goes up in tranches based on how much you rent your house for. On our Denver pricing page, we have a scale account of what that those prices would be.

Investor Package

We also have investors from around the country that have bought investment properties in Denver. We offer a more traditional pricing plan for investors.

The leasing fee is 50% of the first month’s rent. The monthly management fee is 8% of rent collected.

This plan is more in line with what investors are used to. All of the Gold features are included in this Investor Package.


With these three packages, we provide options that you can choose from to find the best fit for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We have all of our contact information here on the website.