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Aurora rental housing market stats

 The Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Housing Market Area (hereafter, Denver HMA) is coterminous with the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Denver HMA, in north-central Colorad... read more >>

Denver rent update

According to the Post:  Metro Denver absorbed 11,821 new apartments last year, up from 11,056 in 2016. That represents the most in records going back to 1981, although the 1970s had years with mo... read more >>

Colorado Leases

Over the past few months, I have reviewed many, many home-grown and ‘Realtor-provided’ tenant leases for individual investors and homeowners who are trying to go it alone in the property m... read more >>

Denvers hottest neighborhoods

Denvers hottest neighborhoods from Denver Post  Another great article!   What are metro Denver’s hottest neighborhoods for home buyers? Think south Denver, north Aurora and Lowry, amon... read more >>

Millennials in Denver Housing

Managing millennial expectations in Denver Rental HousingAccording to Rental Housing Journal:High turnover in the maintenance ranks is a problem in multifamily housing, especially among millennial mai... read more >>

Marijuana laws - Denver Rental Management

Property management usually has more to do with ‘grey’ areas than it does with black and white.  There is no more grey right now than with medical marijuana and outright legalization ... read more >>